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Subject: [Caml-list] Attn: Development Editor, Latest OCaml Weekly News
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2019 14:21:19 +0100
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Here is the latest OCaml Weekly News, for the week of November 05 
to 12,

Table of Contents

Mirage 3.7.1 released

Mirage 3.7.1 released


Hannes Mehnert announced

  MirageOS 3.7.1 is released to opam repository now.

  Breaking change:
  • The hooks previously defined in
    OS.Main.at_enter/at_enter_iter/at_exit/at_exit_iter are now 
    part of
    Mirage_runtime (only used by mirage-entropy)

  Behaviour changes of MirageOS unikernels:
  • A unikernel now always calls the Mirage_runtime.at_exit 
    hooks – once a unikernel succesfully executed its `start' in
    `', `exit 0' is called to ensure this behaviour
  • Top-level exceptions are no longer caught (there used to be in
    mirage-unix/mirage-xen/mirage-solo5 custom handlers). The 
    runtime prints the exception and backtrace on stdout and calls 
    2 (from 4.10.0, abort() will be called).

  Deprecations (being removed from Mirage 4.0)
  • All Mirage_YYY_lwt are deprecated, Mirage_YYY interfaces are 
    longer astracted over 'a io and buffer. This reduces the 
    amount of
    opam packages - mirage-yyy-lwt are no longer part of the 
    (each mirage-yyy package provides a Mirage_yyy_lwt module for
    backwards compatibility). Motivation was discussed in
  • mirage-types and mirage-types-lwt are deprecated, please use 
    Mirage_YYY signatures directly instead.

  Other observable changes
  • `mirage configure' now deletes all exising opam files

  Most reverse dependencies are already released to opam, have a 
  look at
  <> for progress (and 
  temporary <> opam


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