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From: Damien Doligez <>
To: caml users <>, caml announce <>
Subject: [Caml-list] OCaml 4.08.0+beta3
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2019 15:21:54 +0200
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Dear OCaml users,

The release of OCaml 4.08.0 is approaching. We have created
a third beta version to help you adapt your software to the new features
ahead of the release.

The source code is available at these addresses:

The compiler is (or will soon be) also available in OPAM with one of
the following commands.

opam switch create ocaml-variants.4.08.0+beta3 --repositories=default,beta=git+


opam switch create ocaml-variants.4.08.0+beta3+<VARIANT> --repositories=default,beta=git+

 where you replace <VARIANT> with one of these:

We want to know about all bugs. Please report them here:

Happy hacking,

-- Damien Doligez for the OCaml team.

The changes from beta2 are the following:

- GPR#1942, GPR#2244: simplification of the static check
  for recursive definitions
  (Alban Reynaud and Gabriel Scherer,
   review by Jeremy Yallop, Armaël Guéneau and Damien Doligez)

- GPR#1354, GPR#2177: Add fma support to Float module.
  (Laurent Thévenoux, review by Alain Frisch, Jacques-Henri Jourdan,
  Xavier Leroy)

- GPR#2202: Correct Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.{add_seq,replace_seq,of_seq} to use
  functor hash function instead of default hash function. Hashtbl.Make.of_seq
  shouldn't create randomized hash tables.
  (David Allsopp, review by Alain Frisch)

* PR#4208, PR#4229, PR#4839, PR#6462, PR#6957, PR#6950, GPR#1063, GPR#2176,
  GPR#2297: Make (nat)dynlink sound.
  (Mark Shinwell, Leo White, Nicolás Ojeda Bär, Pierre Chambart)

- GPR#2317: type_let: be more careful generalizing parts of the pattern
  (Thomas Refis and Leo White, review by Jacques Garrigue)

- MPR#6242, GPR#2143, MPR#8558, GPR#8559: optimize some local functions
  (Alain Frisch, review by Gabriel Scherer)

- #7829, #8585: Fix pointer comparisons in freelist.c (for 32-bit platforms)
  (David Allsopp and Damien Doligez)

- #8567, #8569: on ARM64, use 32-bit loads to access caml_backtrace_active
  (Xavier Leroy, review by Mark Shinwell and Greta Yorsh)

- #8568: Fix a memory leak in mmapped bigarrays
  (Damien Doligez, review by Xavier Leroy and Jérémie Dimino)

- MPR#7548: printf example in the tutorial part of the manual
 (Kostikova Oxana, rewiew by Gabriel Scherer, Florian Angeletti,
 Marcello Seri and Armaël Guéneau)

- MPR#7547, GPR#2273: Tutorial on Lazy expressions and patterns in OCaml Manual
  (Ulugbek Abdullaev, review by Florian Angeletti and Gabriel Scherer)

- GPR#8508: refresh \moduleref macro
  (Florian Angeletti, review by Gabriel Scherer)

- MPR#7919, GPR#2311: Fix assembler detection in configure
  (Sébastien Hinderer, review by David Allsopp)

- GPR#2295: Restore support for bytecode target XLC/AIX/Power
  (Konstantin Romanov, review by Sébastien Hinderer and David Allsopp)

- GPR#8528: get rid of the direct call to the C preprocessor in the testsuite
  (Sébastien Hinderer, review by David Allsopp)

- Issue #7938, GPR #8532: Fix alignment detection for ints on 32-bits platforms
  (Sébastien Hinderer, review by Xavier Leroy)

* GPR#8533: Remove some unused configure tests
  (Stephen Dolan, review by David Allsopp and Sébastien Hinderer)

- GPR#2207,#8604: Add opam files to allow pinning
  (Leo White, Greta Yorsh, review by Gabriel Radanne)

- MPR#7835, GPR#1980, GPR#8548, GPR#8586: separate scope from stamp in idents
  and explicitly rescope idents when substituting signatures.
  (Thomas Refis, review by Jacques Garrigue and Leo White)

- #8550, #8552: Soundness issue with class generalization
  (Jacques Garrigue, review by Leo White and Thomas Refis,
  report by Jeremy Yallop)

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