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From: Florian Angeletti <>
Subject: [Caml-list] OCaml 4.08.1+rc2
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2019 17:06:17 +0200
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Dear OCaml users,

The release of OCaml version 4.08.1 is almost here, we have created
a second release candidate that you can test.

This new release candidate combines the rc1 fix for compilation failures
in presence of "-pack" reported by Fabian @copy (breaking nocrypto),
with a new fix for dynlinking failures in bytecode mode reported
by Andre Maroneze (breaking Frama-C).

The source code is available at these addresses:

The compiler can also be installed as an OPAM switch with one of the
following commands:

opam switch create ocaml-variants.4.08.1+rc2 


opam switch create ocaml-variants.4.08.1+rc2+<VARIANT> 

  where you replace <VARIANT> with one of these:

We want to know about all bugs. Please report them here:

Happy hacking,
— Florian Angeletti, for the OCaml team.

OCaml 4.08.1 rc2:

### Bug fixes:

- #7887: ensure frame table is 8-aligned on ARM64 and PPC64
   (Xavier Leroy, report by Mark Hayden, review by Mark Shinwell
    and Gabriel Scherer)

- #8751: fix bug that could result in misaligned data section when 
compiling to
   native-code on amd64.  (observed with the mingw64 compiler)
   (Nicolás Ojeda Bär, review by David Allsopp)

- #8769, #8770: Fix assertion failure with -pack
   (Leo White, review by Gabriel Scherer, report by Fabian @copy)

- #8816, #8818: fix loading of packed modules with Dynlink (regression in
   (Leo White, report by Andre Maroneze, review by Gabriel Scherer)

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