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From: Alain Frisch <>
To: Caml mailing list <>
Subject: csml: high-level bindings between OCaml and .Net
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 17:37:58 +0200
Message-ID: <> (raw)

Dear Caml developers,

LexiFi is proud to announce the first public release of CSML, a system 
to interface OCaml and .Net/C#. CSML makes it possible to leverage 
existing .Net components from OCaml, to expose OCaml libraries into the 
.Net world and more generally to write mixed OCaml/.Net applications.

With CSML, developers write scripts that describe interactions between 
the two worlds (OCaml and .Net). It is possible to bind functions, 
static or instance methods, properties, to pass opaque pointers from one 
heap to the other, or to copy values structurally. CSML preserves type 
safety properties from the two worlds, it propagates exceptions and 
first-class functions in a sound way and it deals automatically with 
memory management.

CSML is used internally by LexiFi to develop complex OCaml/C# 
applications and to expose its core technologies as .Net components.

More information, download, screenshots and documentation:


CSML is made of a compiler and a small runtime system. The runtime 
system is licensed under the LPGL with the classical linking exception. 
The compiler comes free of charge in binary form only. It is entirely 
possible to use CSML in the context of an open-source project or in a 
commercial application.

Note: CSML works with the forthcoming OCaml 3.11. To use it now, you can 
check out a recent version from OCaml'S CVS. CSML has been tested with 
the two "native" ports of OCaml for Win32 (MSVC and MinGW).


Alain Frisch
LexiFi SAS

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