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* [Caml-list] [ANN] New release of Fix (20211125)
@ 2021-11-26  8:07 François Pottier
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From: François Pottier @ 2021-11-26  8:07 UTC (permalink / raw)
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Dear OCaml users,

I am pleased to announce a new release of Fix, with several new modules
contribued by Frédéric Bour (thanks!).

In short, Fix is a toolkit that helps perform memoization and fixed point
computations (including data flow analyses). More generally, it offers a
number of basic algorithmic building blocks that can be useful in many

   opam update
   opam install fix.20211125

Documentation can be found here:


François Pottier

## 2021/11/25

* The new module `CompactQueue` offers a minimalist mutable FIFO queue. 
It is
   comparable with OCaml's `Queue` module. In comparison with `Queue`, 
it uses
   a more compact internal representation: elements are stored 
contiguously in
   a circular array. This has a positive impact on performance: both 
time and
   memory consumption are reduced. This data structure is optimized for 
   throughput. (Contributed by Frédéric Bour, reviewed by François Pottier.)

* The new functor `DataFlow.ForCustomMaps` offers a forward data flow 
   that is tuned for greater performance. (Contributed by Frédéric Bour,
   reviewed by François Pottier.)

* The new module `Indexing` offers a safe API for manipulating indices into
   fixed-size arrays. This API involves some dynamic checks as well as 
   type checks, thereby (hopefully) greatly reducing the risk of 
confusion in
   code that uses many arrays and many indices into these arrays. 
   by Frédéric Bour, reviewed by François Pottier.)

* In `DataFlow`, allow the function `foreach_root`
   (which is part of the signature `DATA_FLOW_GRAPH`)
   to call `contribute x _` several times at a single root `x`.

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2021-11-26  8:07 [Caml-list] [ANN] New release of Fix (20211125) François Pottier

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