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From: Kenichi Asai <>
Subject: Re: [Caml-list] expansion of #use?
Date: Tue, 19 May 2020 18:34:06 +0900
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I tried to implement it myself, using compiler-libs (based on OCaml
4.11.0-alpha1 that I happen to install recently):

It can be installed via:

opam pin add remove-sharpuse

However, if I execute (with attached and

$ remove-sharpuse -dsource
Fatal error: exception Invalid_argument("The ocamltoplevel.cma library from compiler-libs cannot be loaded inside the OCaml toplevel")

What I did is as follows:

- I copied from toplevel/ and modified it so
  that it calls My_topmain.main() instead of Topmain.main().
- I copied from toplevel/ and modified all the
  occurences of Toploop to My_toploop.
- I copied from toplevel/ and modified
  execute_phrase so that it does not execute Ptop_def case.  That is,
  I inserted "if true then true else" at line 273:

  so that Ptop_def case is ignored.

If I insert the "if true then true else" line manually into the OCaml
source and compile it via "make world", I can expand #use by passing
"-dsource" to the resulting ocaml.  Can I do the same using
compiler-libs without getting the above error?

Thank you in advance.

Kenichi Asai

On Mon, May 18, 2020 at 08:32:03PM +0900,
 Kenichi Asai wrote:

> Is there any way to expand the use of #use?  Suppose I have the
> following two files:
> let a = 3
> #use "";;
> print_int a
> Given the file name, I want to obtain:
> let a = 3 ;;
> print_int a
> The -dsource option of ocaml almost does it, but it executes the
> program at the same time.  In the above program, it prints 3, too.
> So far, I tweak into the OCaml implementation, turn off the execution
> in execute_phrase in, and re-compile whole the OCaml.  I
> wonder if I can do the same thing simpler than this, possibly using
> compiler libs?
> Thank you in advance.
> PS. I know I should not use #use from the first place.
> -- 
> Kenichi Asai

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let a = 1 + 2

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let b = 5;;
#use "";;
let _ = print_int (a + b)

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