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* [Caml-list] PPDP 2018: Call for Participation
@ 2018-07-06 15:35 David Sabel
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                 PPDP 2018: Call for Participation
                  20th International Symposium on
         Principles and Practice of Declarative Programming

          Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 3-5 September 2018

             (co-located with LOPSTR 2018 and WFLP 2018)

  Early registration ends on 15 August, 2018.

Session in Honour of Martin Hofmann
PPDP will include a session in honour of Martin Hofmann including a talk
given by Nick Benton, Facebook on Semantic Equivalence Checking for HHVM 

Invited Talks
-   Philippa Gardner, Imperial College.
     Testing and Verification for JavaScript (joint with LOPSTR)

-   Jorge Navas, SRI International.
     Constrained Horn Clauses for Verification (joint with LOPSTR)

-   Chung-Chieh Shan, University of Indiana.
     Calculating Distributions

Accepted Papers
-   Maciej Bendkowski and Pierre Lescanne.
     Combinatorics of explicit substitutions

-   Manfred Schmidt-Schauss, David Sabel and Nils Dallmeyer.
     Sequential and Parallel Improvements in a Concurrent Functional 
Programming Language

-   Magnus Madsen and Ondrej Lhotak.
     Implicit Parameters for Logic Programming

-   Mistral Contrastin, Dominic Orchard and Andrew Rice.
     Automatic reordering for dataflow safety of Datalog

-   Danil Annenkov and Martin Elsman.
     Certified Compilation of Financial Contracts

-   José Fragoso Santos, Petar Maksimović, Théotime Grohens, Julian 
Dolby and Philippa Gardner.
     Cosette: Symbolic Execution for JavaScript

-   Michael Hanus.
     Verifying Fail-Free Declarative Programs

-   Dmitri Rozplokhas and Dmitry Boulytchev.
     Improving Refutational Completeness of Relational Search via 
Divergence Test

-   Martin Sulzmann and Kai Stadtmüller.
     Two-Phase Dynamic Analysis of Message-Passing Go Programs based on 
Vector Clocks

-   Sylvia Grewe, Sebastian Erdweg, André Pacak and Mira Mezini.
     An Infrastructure for Combining Domain Knowledge with Automated 
Theorem Provers

-   Gopalan Nadathur and Yuting Wang.
     Schematic Polymorphism in the Abella Proof Assistant

-   Stephan Adelsberger, Anton Setzer and Eric Walkingshaw.
     Declarative GUIs: Simple, Consistent, and Verified

-   Genki Sakanashi and Masahiko Sakai.
     Transformation of combinatorial optimization problems written in 
extended SQL into constraint problems

-   Yuki Nishida and Atsushi Igarashi.
     Nondeterministic Manifest Contracts

-   Alberto Pardo, Emmanuel Gunther, Miguel Pagano and Marcos Viera.
     An Internalist Approach to Correct-by-Construction Compilers

-   Falco Nogatz, Jona Kalkus and Dietmar Seipel.
     Web-based Visualisation for Definite Clause Grammars using Prolog 

-   Helmut Seidl and Ralf Vogler.
     Three improvements to the top-down solver

-   Flavien Breuvart and Ugo Dal Lago.
     On Intersection Types and Probabilistic Lambda Calculi

-   Taku Terao.
     Lazy Abstraction for Higher-Order Program Verification

-   Maximiliano Klemen, Nataliia Stulova, Pedro Lopez-Garcia, Jose F. 
Morales and Manuel V. Hermenegildo.
     Static Performance Guarantees for Programs with Run-time Checks

-   Abhishek Dang and Piyush Kurur.
     Verse: An EDSL for cryptographic primitives

-   Pablo Barenbaum, Eduardo Bonelli and Kareem Mohamed.
     Pattern Matching and Fixed Points: Resources Types and Strong 

  PPDP is financially supported by the
  Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) - 
  and by the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main.

Conference Organisers
  Program Committee

  Program Chair
    Peter Thiemann, Universität Freiburg, Germany

  Organizing Committee (Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
     Ehud Cseresnyes
     Nils Dallmeyer
     Bircan Dölek
     Ronja Düffel
     Lars Huth
     Leonard Priester
     David Sabel (General Chair)

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2018-07-06 15:35 [Caml-list] PPDP 2018: Call for Participation David Sabel

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