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From: Florian Angeletti <>
To: caml-list <>
Subject: [Caml-list] OCaml 4.12.0, first release candidate
Date: Wed, 17 Feb 2021 09:27:34 +0100 (CET)
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Dear OCaml users, 

The release of OCaml 4.12.0 is expected next week. We have created a release 
candidate that you can test. Most opam packages should work with this release 
candidate (without the need for an alpha repository). 

Compared to the last beta, this new release only contains one fix for Solaris 
and illumos. 

If you find any bugs, please report them here: 

Happy hacking, 

-- Florian Angeletti for the OCaml team. 

Installation instructions 

The base compiler can be installed as an opam switch with the following commands 

opam update 
opam switch create 4.12.0~rc1 --repositories=default,beta=git+ 

If you want to tweak the configuration of the compiler, you can pick configuration options with 

opam update 
opam switch create <switch_name> --packages=ocaml-variants.4.12.0~rc1+options,<option_list> --repositories=default,beta=git+ 

where <option_list> is a comma separated list of ocaml-option-* packages. For 
instance, for a flambda and afl enabled switch: 

opam switch create 4.12.0~rc1+flambda+afl --packages=ocaml-variants.4.12.0~rc1+options,ocaml-option-flambda,ocaml-option-afl --repositories=default,beta=git+ 

All available options can be listed with "opam search ocaml-option". 

The source code is available at these addresses: 

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