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From: François Bobot <>
Subject: Re: [Caml-list] (dune/opam) Proper way of vendoring a library inside an application?
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2020 10:33:02 +0100
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Le 29/02/2020 à 12:20, François Pottier a écrit :
> I don't see how it could cause any packaging problem; it should
> be transparent. The copy of Fix embedded inside Menhir is used
> when Menhir is installed and is immediately thrown away.

Even if it is perhaps not applicable for Fix which is a small library, without attack surface.
Generally if there is a security bug in Fix, distributions don't want to need to patch it in all the
package which vendor Fix. Patching Fix once is simpler, more efficient and safer.

But for a distribution removing this vendor directory just mean to remove it, no other modifications
are needed; dune will then used the installed dependency. Package creator could look at
`(vendored_dirs vendor)` to find those directories. Of course the version can be different from the
last version of Fix. But to choose common version is usually the hurdle of packagers (which we
should strive not to burden more!).



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